AF 6076-040 F.AF73 DR.1.0/Q35x36 M.SP


For our FG metal-edge filters, we offer different kinds of filter media:
Coiled elements, Welded design elements, Perforated foil elements and perforated plate elements.

  • High differential pressure stability
  • Filter finenesses from 30 µm to 3000 µm
  • Long service life
Exemplary picture
In order to generate the best possible solution for our customers, the filter elements for the metal edge filters differ depending on the application.
coiled element: coiled stainless steel wire on aluminum or stainless steel support tube
welded design: welded stainless steel rings on stainless steel support tube
Perforated foil element: perforated foil on aluminum orstainless steel support tube
Perforated plate element: perforated plate on aluminum or stainless steel support tube

More Information
Insert type Welded design element
Differential pressure resistance (bar) 25,00
Filter rating (micrometer) 400
Support tube material 1.4571
Filter medium material 1.4571
H.T.S. 84212980
Country of origin / region BE/
Product weight 2,520 KG