PI40025-015 *E77925696


For use in hydraulic systems, lubrication systems and test benches, we developed a wide range of efficient pressure filters that permanently ensure compliance with the purity classes of fluids and oils.

Nominal size to 400

  • Low space requirement due to compact design
  • Minimum pressure drop due to streamlined design of components
  • NPT and SAE threaded connections available
Exemplary picture

For hydraulic systems and lubrication systems, we have a comprehensive range of high-pressure filters in our product portfolio. These are available in various designs and dimensions and for different pressure ratings. A cold start valve can be integrated in the filter head of the Pi 4000. It ensures that only filtered fluid is supplied to the hydraulic system in all operating states.
If the differential pressure rises above the opening pressure of the cold start valve (e.g. due to excessive viscosity of the fluid during a cold start or if the element has not been changed), a partial flow is returned to the hydraulic tank via the tank connection on the filter head. The robust housing can withstand strong operating pressure, while the streamlined designs also ensuremaximum performance. The filter elements are classified according to DIN 24550.

More Information
Filter type High pressure filter
Series Pi 400
Nominal size 250 l/min
Connection type Thread ISO 228
Connection size G 1 1/2
max. operating pressure 400 bar
Operating temperature range -10°C - +120°C
Sealing material NBR
Filter head material GGG
Filter housing material Steel
Element pick-up DIN
Maintenance indicator Yes
Element installation Yes
Maintenance indicator type Differential pressure indicator
Evaluation maintenance indicator electrical / mechanical
Contact type Closer / opener
Indicator setting 5,0 bar
Electr. connection Connector
Differential pressure resistance (bar) 210,00
Filter material Glass fibre
Filter rating (micrometer) 10,00
Filter element PI 73025 DN PS VST 10
H.T.S. 84212980
Country of origin / region DE/08
Product weight 16,300 KG
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