PIP/KF/A-1/30-SMN 5


Our FG cartridge filter elements of the PiP series are highly efficient Sm-N pleated star elements for liquid filtration. They are used in many demanding areas of  industrial production processes.

  • Highly efficient Sm-N elements
  • High differential pressure stability and dirt holding capacity,
    thus optimum operating time and economy
  • Filter finenesses down to 1 µm absolute
Exemplary picture
Our cartridge filter elements of the PiP series are used in many demanding areas in the industrial production process. They are particularly suitable for the filtration of cleaningliquids in industrial cleaning technology. Furthermore, the PiP series can also be used for water treatment, filtration of low-viscosity oils and emulsions. With this filter series for industrial process technology, we offer a depth filter with a large effective filter area and a high filtration efficiency at the same time.
More Information
Element type PIP
Height (mm) 764.00
Outer diameter (mm) 64.00
Inner diameter (mm) 34,00
Differential pressure resistance (bar) 3,00
Filter surface (cm²) 6.490
Filter material SMN
Filter rating (micrometer) 5,00
H.T.S. 84212980
Country of origin / region DE/08
Product weight 1,240 KG
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