MP 1001 RN 1 010 / V1,7


The EcoParts program includes cost-effective alternatives to the PS elements. With EcoParts, we offer all hydraulic elements and spin-on cartridges from leading manufacturers, which enable cross references due to their compatibility.

  • Well-defined filter performance, purity class and durability
  • High functionality and safety
  • Certified quality, verified according to DIN and ISO standards with all common industry permits
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When it comes to replacement filter elements for stationary and mobile hydraulic systems, quality is required that efficiently meets all requirements and also pays for itself. We offer a complete range of filter elements for hydraulic applications for safe and economical replacement. Our filters reduce solid contamination to the prescribed contamination class, prevent the ingress of dirt from the environment and maintain the properties of the pressure fluid over a long period of time.
The products are applied in various market segments (e.g. mobile hydraulics, wind power, factory equipment, marine).

More Information
Element type EcoParts
Sealing material NBR
Height (mm) 84.50
Outer diameter (mm) 70.00
Inner diameter (mm) 28,50
Mounting diameter (mm) 27,20
Bypass valve element (bar) 1,70
Filter material MIC
Filter rating (micrometer) 10,00
Original manufacturer MP-Filtri
Manufacturer part number MF1001P10NB
H.T.S. 84212980
Country of origin / region IT/BS
Product weight 0,170 KG
Data Sheets
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MP 1801 RN ____ V1,7
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