Our spin-on filters with glass fiber media (SMx) are used for filtration of hydraulic and lubricating oils for applications with the highest demands on fineness and service life.
They are installed in both pressure and suction lines and ensure the protection of downstream components.

Nominal size up to 150

  • Equipped with our highly efficient glass fiber media
  • Long life filter due to very high dirt-holding capacity and differential pressure stability
  • Minimal pressure drop due to flow optimized  design of the components
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The SMX media are characterized by a high dirt holding capacity with a very high filtration rate. Due to the high filtration rate (fineness), the system is reliably and permanently protected from fine dirt.
Our spin-on filters are also available with a bypass valve. This reliably ensures the oil supply to the system during cold starts or in the event of an increased rise in differential pressure. In most cases, higher bypass opening pressures are required in conjunction with the Glasafser assembly. The bypass function is used in extreme cases to maintain oil purity in the system for as long as possible. A backstop can be installed on the clean and/or raw side, if desired, to prevent the filter from running empty.
Our spin-on filters can be used both in the spare parts business and in the original equipment business in combination with other filter components (filter heads, maintenance indicators, ...).

  • Operating pressures up to 25bar
  • Units 2µm to 25 µm ( absolute )
  • Various connections and designs
  • Proven corrosion resistance
  • Proven chemical resistance
  • Customized design and printing available.
More Information
Sealing material NBR
Thread designation 11/2-16UN-2B
Height (mm) 170.00
Outer diameter (mm) 136.30
Seal outer diameter (mm) 111,00
Seal inner diameter (mm) 100,00
perm. operating pressure (bar) 16,00
Filter surface (cm²) 3.263
Filter material Glass fibre
Filter rating (micrometer) 6,00
H.T.S. 84212980
Country of origin / region DE/05
Product weight 2,100 KG
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