PI 0190 MOL FL *E79354390


Air filter with integrated oil separator element for efficient protection of the working environment.

Volume flow 3m³/min

  • Optimal filter protection of your equipment and your working environment
  • Residual oil content < 1mg/m³
  • Very long service life
Exemplary picture

Fast and permanent suction and return processes of the hydraulic oils promote the formation of oil mist in the tanks and return containers. This oil mist reaches the environmentthrough the tank vent filters and can contaminate it. It is not uncommon for work to be impeded as a result, as this oil mist is harmful to the health of employees to a certain extent.
Our Pi 0190with MOL element is designed for the ventilation of hydraulic tanks. It prevents dirt particles from entering the hydraulic system when air is drawn in, and prevents oil mist from spreading into the ambient air when the tank is exhaled.
The MOL element has an excellent separation efficiency of 99.99% for 1 µm particles, and can stop the escaping oil mist and separate up to 99% of the oil contentfrom the air.
The oil mist passes through a layer of glass fibers and is separated by the separation mechanisms of inertia, sieving action and diffusion on the individual fibers. As they pass through the filter, the oil droplets coalesce in the glass fiber structure to form larger droplets or an oil film. With the air flow, these droplets reach the downstream surface of the filter element and are guided downward by gravity in a drainage fleece. The separated oil can be discharged into a leakage tank via a drain. Through the additional use of a non-return valve as well as a line filter, theoil can be returned to the oil supply with the necessary purity class.
The Pi 0190 MOL can also be used as an aerosol separator and deaerator for containers and aggregates which are under permanent overpressure.

More Information
Filter element OELABSCHEIDEELEMENT LGA 600/60 1
H.T.S. 84212980
Country of origin / region RO/37
Product weight 40,000 KG
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