Moist air can lead to acceleration of the aging process of the oil used and to considerable damage in the hydraulic system. Our aeration dryers prevent moisture from entering your hydraulic system.

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  • Prevents moisture from entering the hydraulic system
  • Combination of dust caps and breather filter
  • Long service life of the aeration dryer thanks to pre-loading valve (CV)
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Our aeration dryers replace dust caps or breather filters that are installed as standard in systems for aeration. These are usually hydraulic tanks that are alternately under positive or negative pressure. The breather driers perform several tasks here. When fluid is pumped out of the hydraulic tank, a negative pressure is created. This negative pressure is compensated by the inflow of ambient air. This incoming air must be filtered to prevent foreign particles from entering the hydraulic system. At the same time, our aeration dryer removes water from the air, keeping the system dry, i.e. minimizing the entry of water via humidity. When liquid is pumped back into the tank, an overpressure is created. This causes the air in the tank to be evacuated via the aeration dryer. The integrated oil mist separator prevents entrained oil droplets from being discharged from the system into the ambient air. Optionally, our aeration dryers are also available with a pre-loadingvalve (CV). These preloading valves ensure that the air exchange is delayed. This prevents unwanted air exchange. This effect significantly extends the service life of the aeration dryer.

More Information
Air flow rate (l/min) 130
Connection size 1" (NPT,BSPP,BSPT)
Operating temperature range -29°C - +93°C
Outer diameter (mm) 64.00
H.T.S. 84213925
Country of origin / region CN/
Product weight 0,280 KG
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