852 030 TI 15-12,5 BAND


Star-pleated FG dust filter elements for the separation of airborne particles.

  • High load capacity
  • Good cleaning behavior and high stability  
  • Optimized filter materials and easy assembly/disassembly
Exemplary picture
Star-pleated FG dust filter elements are used to separate very fine particles from gases. The dust-laden gas flows through the filter element from the outside to the inside and exits through the upper, open end disk. The conical FG dust filter element is characterized by optimum flow behavior as well as excellent cleaning properties, even with difficult dusts. In combination with the FG cleaning unit MJD (pressure pulse cleaning
by means of a multijet nozzle), this element offers a reliable solution even under the most demanding conditions. This is particularly supportedby the pleats of the filter elements, which are stabilized by a special process. Consistently high quality of FG dust filter elements is ensured by regular, extensive material and performance checks.In our application technology
department and our modern development laboratory are constantly working on the further development and optimization of our products. Application trials at the customer's site and in our test facilities result in cost-effective and operationally reliable products.
The filter element is mounted on the raw gas side by screwing the element into the bayanott bolt/bayonet holder, which is firmly welded to the filter plate.

More Information
Element type 852 series
Sealing material Polyurethane (PUR)
Height (mm) 986.00
Outer diameter (mm) 328.00
Inner diameter (mm) 216,00
Filter surface (cm²) 125.000
Element shape Conical
Installation Dirt gas side
Element mounting Bayonet
Filter material TI 15
Pleat stabilisation Band
End cap material Sheet metal end cap
H.T.S. 84213925
Country of origin / region RO/37
Product weight 6,285 KG
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