LGA 1201 FUW RAL 7035 *E70373631


Oil aerosol separator for metal cutting machine tools

  • Total separation efficiency of > 99 % for 0.5 µm aerosols
  • Optimal for high raw gas concentrations up to 2000 mg/m³ with Filteration-Group Coalescens filter technology
  • Frequency controlled regulationand constant extraction performance
Exemplary picture
Compact, virtually maintenance-free oil aerosol separator with coalescer system for mounting on machine tools. Especially suitable for high raw gas loads as well as achieving high separation efficiencies. To achieve a constant volume flow of 1200 m³/h, the volume flow in the LGA 1201 FU/FUW is determined by a flow sensor and ensured by a frequency converter. The unit includes apre-separator system for service life optimization. The LGA can also be used in conjunction with a case-by-case test for metal-cutting emulsion applications.
The machining process partially atomizes and nebulizes the cooling lubricant used. A cooling lubricant mist (MWF mist) is created in the machining area, which can pose a technical and health risk.
As a rule, this coolant mist should be extracted from the working area of the machine tool in order to prevent it from spreading into the environment.

More Information
Volume flow 1200 m3/h
H.T.S. 84213925
Country of origin / region RO/37
Product weight 200,000 KG
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